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Default Sendmessage WM_COPYDATA problems

I am having problems trying to use PPL 1.6.2 to send some text to another wm5 application.

The application is smartwatchm and the api lets you send your own messages to a bluetooth watch by using Sendmessage with WM_COPYDATA.
See here:

I can get the SendMessage(hnd$,WM_USER,2,0) call to work - the watch displays an icon and vibrates as expected!

Unfortunately the WM_COPYDATA call to send text uses a structure COPYDATASTRUCT and needs pointers to be passed as parameters. I am not sure how to do this in PPL. Sorry but I am a newbie!

COPYDATASTRUCT needs to be something like:

public int dwData;
public int cbData;
public IntPtr lpData;

dwData is a value to pass to the application, I don't think this matters.
cbData is the length of the data to pass to the application.
lpData is a pointer to the data to pass to the application.

So in PPL I am using:

struct (a$, "dwData", tint, "cbData", tint, "lpData", tuint);

I am not sure how pointers translate into the PPL types. Should the IntPtr be a tlong or twide? Is this even possible?

The text that I am trying to send is something like:

txt$="Text2LinesNoScroll:my message";

I set the fields of the structure as follows:

a.dwData$=0; // I don't think this is important
a.cbData$=(length(txt$)+1)*2; // Is this correct for the wide string length?
a.lpData$=&txtw$; // pointer to the wide string?

I am assuming that a pointer to a wide text string is needed, but I might be wrong.

Then I try to pass the pointer to the structure to the Sendmessage call:

SendMessage(hnd$, WM_COPYDATA, 0, &a$);

So far I have had no luck in making this work. Does the & or addr actually do what I need to pass the pointer in the struct? Do I need to use POKE? Maybe there are too many & and I don't need them, but I've tried different combinations. Can anyone help with any working example code? Perhaps from one PPL app to another PPL app?
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you have luck I have found a working solution short time ago, it looks like this:
firstly the code for sending message
PHP Code:
#define COPYDATASTRUCT {"dwData","cbData","lpData"}

and receiving in the target window proc
PHP Code:
I haven't tested this directly in current form maybe you have to tweak it a little here and there, but it should give you the general idea
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