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I just tested your code and the clocks are 2 hours behind the local time here in Germany. I suppose it's Greenwich-time, so your clocks actually aren't two hours forward, but ten hours behind Sidney.

But when I replace GetSystemTime with GetLocalTime it works fine.

You could remove the code-lines in the init-Section of your form, you don't need them.

To access all the different TimeZones there are two ways:
#1) there's a GetSystemTimeZones-function, but I can't figure out how to use it - perhaps Nicknack or kornalius can help you with that
#2) there are free TimeZone-Databases at could simply use one of them with a textfile or a SQLite-Database.
#3)there's a list of the Windows TimeZone-Indexes at
and a very helpful article at

greetings, c4esar

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