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Originally Posted by veryalien View Post
Apart from a few minor crashes, everything seems to be working with my 1.6.2 installation.

I have one problem that I cannot solve...

When I try to run a compiled PPL executable on my PPC I get the following runtime error:

App: (null)

3. The version of this
runtime is older, the
program might not work
properly! (Current: 1.6.2,
Built on: 2.2.1)

If I ignore the error the app runs ok, but the error is really annoying.

Any ideas? Is this a bug?

Is it a mismatch between the PPL interpreter (maybe PPL 2 version?) and the runtimes supplied with 1.6.2?

Edit: I get exactly the same error when creating PC executables, so I think there must be a mismatch of the versions somewhere...
Hi, We are aware of this issue. A bug entry has been filled at, we will release a patch this week.
Alain Deschenes
ArianeSoft Inc.
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